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Wellness FM Online Reality Show

Could you be the next Celebrity Heath Guru ?

If so , then all that you simply need to do is quickly send us a 3 Minute Video Recording which ethically displays all those Amazing Professional Skills to prove exactly why the next big thing in the world of Health should be you !

The Selection Process ethically commences on January the 1st 2010 and ends of the 31st of December 2011 : The Candidate with the Highest Rating Factor (as Judged by Public Vote) wins a 100% Free Online Scholarship to study Alternative Medicine - plus a one-way Ticket to Fame and Fortune!

Every month from early January 2010 , at least one Shortlisted Video will also appear on our Favorites Section , so all Viewers must keep checking our Favorites Section frequently , to ensure that their various Votes and (Moderated) Comments (for each of the different Candidates) really count.

The Candidate with the Highest Rating on the 31st of December 2011 wins .

Good Luck !