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Doctor Joseph Obi Defends Naomi Campbell

Celebrity Alternative Medicine Guru and Firebrand Anti-Racism Campaigner , Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , has publicly defended Supermodel Naomi Campbell over her recent brushes with the Law.

Speaking in response to countless questions posed during a recent Social Event, the irrepressible Professor Obi (who incidentally grew up in Streatham at the very same time as her) said :

" My tender heart sincerely goes out to Supermodel Naomi during this exceedingly stressful period for her.

All those wretched little media urchins who are wickedly provoking her (without respite) ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves ; as (in my very humble opinion) , the only crime which Miss Campbell really seems to have ever committed is that of being a Highly Successful Beautiful Black Supermodel.

Thankfully , we South Londoners are definitely made of Tough Stuff - and (by the grace of God) will always overcome our extremely bitter adversaries in the end. "

Joseph Chikelue Obi hails HRH The Duchess of York

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Joseph Chikelue Obi , has today strongly applauded the recent entry of HRH the Duchess of York into the UK Wellness Guru Arena.

Responding to a barrage of questions in Dublin upon his return from an extended holiday abroad , Dr Obi said:

" There is far much more than enough work for all of us to busily do in the Healthy Living Arena - the more helpers we ultimately have , the better it will be for us all.

Her Royal Highness Sarah Duchess of York therefore has my full unflinching support in every single one of her noble endeavours.

Long may she reign . . . in her uphill battle against the UK Obesity Timebomb."

Professor Obi Launches New Publication

We are exceeding pleased to announce that the 2009 Edition of Self Care with Professor Obi is now available for immediate download.

All interested readers should please kindly visit for more details.

Thank You.

The Wellness FM Team

Dr Joseph Obi and Dr Andrew Obi Give Away Millions Of Free UK Mobile Phones

"Hi , my name is Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi and , on behalf of me and my brother Andrew , we fully endorse these mobile phone products - Click here to come get some !"

RCAM CEO Professor Joseph Obi and the MLC

We acknowledge the existence of widely circulating rumours which informally imply that Professor (Dr) Joseph Obi is to serve as Grand Master of the Medical Licensing Commission (MLC).

No formal announcements concerning the stated appointment have ever been made ; and no such comments will indeed be made by Dr Obi at this exceedingly delicate moment.

Thank You.