Doctor Joseph Obi Defends Naomi Campbell

Celebrity Alternative Medicine Guru and Firebrand Anti-Racism Campaigner , Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , has publicly defended Supermodel Naomi Campbell over her recent brushes with the Law.

Speaking in response to countless questions posed during a recent Social Event, the irrepressible Professor Obi (who incidentally grew up in Streatham at the very same time as her) said :

" My tender heart sincerely goes out to Supermodel Naomi during this exceedingly stressful period for her.

All those wretched little media urchins who are wickedly provoking her (without respite) ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves ; as (in my very humble opinion) , the only crime which Miss Campbell really seems to have ever committed is that of being a Highly Successful Beautiful Black Supermodel.

Thankfully , we South Londoners are definitely made of Tough Stuff - and (by the grace of God) will always overcome our extremely bitter adversaries in the end. "

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