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Dr Joseph Obi defends Jade Goody . . .

Controversial Black British Anti-Racism Campaigner and Wellness FM Reality TV Show Judge, Dr Joseph Obi, has publicly defended Reality TV Megastar Jade Goody , whose Public Diagnosis of Cancer recently made Global Headlines.

Speaking candidly on the issue , Professor Obi said :

"Jade Goody is probably the most Iconic Reality TV Star in modern history.

She is also exceedingly well advised as to (precisely) how to use whatever she has at hand to decisively get what she wants.

Jade Goody is neither a Racist nor a Dumbhead either - She is the Grand Old Duchess of the exceedingly delicate art of Tabloid Media Manipulation. "

Dr Joseph Obi says that the "Alternative Medicine Campaign is Hot ! "

It is announced that Professor Joseph Obi will continue to serve as the Chief Political Strategist of the Alternative Medicine Campaign , even though he is also boldly juggling two other International Regulatory Positions at the very same time.

An official spokesperson for Professor Obi categorically told Wellness FM that :

"Dr Joseph Obi has absolutely no intention of reducing his administrative workload - at this particular time.

The Alternative Medicine Campaign is currently the hottest one (of it's kind) on the planet - and will formidably continue to lead the battle against all of those skeptics who fail to totally surrender their wanton prejudices . . ."

Dr Joseph Obi - Wellness FM Video of the Month (August 2008) : Yolanda Adams - I Believe I Can Fly . . .

Yolanda Adams - I Believe I Can Fly

*The Wellness FMVideo of the Month is ethically chosen by Professor Joseph Obi , out of the very many thousands of online submissions to the Wellness FM Channel.

Professor Joseph Obi heads the Medical Licensing Commission . . .

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has formally agreed to serve as the first ever Chief Regulator of the Medical Licensing Commission (MLC)

Please kindly visit the official MLC website at ; for further details.