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Doctor Joseph Obi Hails George Michael Apology - Says He Will Continue To Buy His Music . . .

Controversial Alternative Medicine Guru , Dr Joseph Obi , has today warmly commended Superstar Singer George Michael for publicly apologizing to his fans after a few personal indiscretions.

Speaking in response to general questions on what advice he would give on the issue, Professor Obi said :

" I have been an exceedingly keen admirer of George Michael's Music for over a quarter of a century - and I certainly do not think that a few Moments of Profound Human Weakness in a couple of Upmarket Public Lavatories are ever going to dramatically reduce the phenomenal respect which I have for one of the greatest singers that this world has ever known.

As it is already on due record that George Michael has publicly apologized and also additionally vowed to sort himself out - then I personally do not think that it is anybody else's business about how he precisely goes about getting himself back on track ."