Dr Joseph Obi : " No UK Obama till 2108"

Controversial Black British Human Rights Activist and Wellness FM Judge , Professor Joseph Obi , has averred that a UK equivalent of President Barack Obama , will not happen anytime before the year 2108.

Speaking during a short phone conversation, a Jubilant Professor Obi said :

" The Institutionally Racist Political System in the United Kingdom is a totally different ball-game altogether.

In the USA , almost anyone can contest for President - provided that he (or she) has the fiscal means to do so ; as most American Politicians are far much more Liberal than their Highly Constipated UK Counterparts.

That is why , in the United Kingdom (despite all its Pomp and Pageantry), you must still have to already be the Substantive Leader of a Mainstream UK Political Party before you are able to make any solid headway whatsoever ; and one of the most racist places to be on this particular planet (at the moment) is (most probably) the Hallowed Parliament Chamber of the United Kingdom.

Most UK Parliamentarians would rather die than see a Black UK Political Party Leader , let alone a Black UK Prime Minister.

The exceedingly unfortunate bottomline is that there will be no UK Equivalent of President Barack Obama for the next 100 Years or so - and any Potential Black Man who dares rear his head for the office of UK Prime Minister will most likely be assassinated by the Racist UK Security Forces . . . long before he momentously gets the opportunity to graciously move into Number 10 Downing Street.

Infact , quite a few European Countries might actually end up having an Obama-Like Black Leader , years before the UK Political System is perfectly willing to accept one . . ."

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