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Joseph Obi : " Jade Goody Fully Deserves Our Undying Public Support . . . "

Eminent Black British Anti-Racism Campaigner and Wellness FM Reality TV Guru, Joseph Obi, has once again strongly defended Reality TV Megastar Jade Goody , who is widely rumoured to be frequently granting Massively Lucrative Media Interviews - despite her recent diagnosis of being Terminally Ill as a result of Advanced Cervical Cancer.

Speaking in London during a Private Luncheon Party in his Honour , the Highly DistinguishedProfessor Obi categorically said :

"In my humble opinion , Jade Goody warmly deserves our support - and also still unquestionably reserves the ultimate right to happily spend her last few months on this planet in any way she rightfully deems fit - as far as she does not break any Laws in the process.

All the money which she is currently said to be making is essentially going to her children - and not to Jade herself ; as she can't possibly take any useful wads of cash with her to her grave . . . "