Joseph Obi defends 'New Jade Goody' Nomination.

Wellness FM Reality Show Judge, Joseph Obi has formidably defended his decision to publicly name the 'New Jade Goody'.

Speaking exclusively to Wellness FM , during a Private Phone Conversation , Doctor Obi said:

" The Reality Entertainment World obnoxiously abhors a Vacuum .

Very Soon , Members of the Public will seriously start experiencing Excruciatingly-Painful Withdrawal Symptoms - especially if they cannot swiftly find someone to comprehensively assuage their Frequent Jade Cravings.

Jade Goody was not a Selfish Individual - and she would never have wanted the Sensational Jade Phenomenon to obliviously follow her to her grave forever.

So it is far much better to start the New Jade Goody Search sooner than later - so that the Wonderful Old Show ultimately carries on regardless . . ."

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