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Professor Joseph Obi : Global Policy Statement : Forcible Deportation Deaths . . .

Professor Joseph Obi sadly notes the Totally Unacceptable number of Deaths which have Unnecessarily Occurred during Forcible Deportation Procedures throughout the World ; most especially within both the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Dr Obi hereby publicly calls on both the United Nations and the European Union to Comprehensivly Enforce (and Update) the Current Directive that a Panel of Independent (Neutral) Observers must Fundamentally Monitor all Forcible Deportation (Repatriation) Exercises , Appraisals and Assessments.

It is the Firm Diplomatic Opinion of Professor Obi that at least one of the Aforesaid Observers must be a Licensed Medical Doctor (with a Specialist Interest in Emergency Medicine) ; while another Observer should be a Licensed Attorney (with a Specialist Interest in Human Rights Issues).

Enough is Enough :A (Highly Preventable and Utterly Inhumane) Forcible Deportation Death is (most definitely) One Death Too Many.

Joseph Obi : " Thanks for the Fabulous Support ! "

Dr Joseph Obiwould like to (once again) publicly express his Profound Personal Gratitude to all those who have solidly stood by him (so far) ; most especially during the past decade or two.

As previously acknowledged (elsewhere) ; the Years 2000 to 2009 undoubtedly ranked among the Most Challenging Years of his life - and Doctor Obi shall indelibly remaineternally grateful to each (and every one) of his Fabulous Supporters.

God Bless Us All !