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Quack Medicine Awards | Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has warmly agreed to host the upcoming 2013 Quack Medicine Awards (aka the Quammies).

More Information will be publicly released soon.

Dr Joseph Obi | Quacktitioner Royal | Alternative Medicine Quack News | Coronation Of The King.

Quackingham Palace recently confirmed that the Brand NewQuacktitioner Royal is : His Majestic Eminence , The Rt Hon Professor Joseph Chikelue ObiFRCAM(Dublin).

It will be duly recalled that the FormerQuacktitioner Royal , His Royal Highness The Crown Prince , has since Amicably Abdicated , with Immediate Effect.


Professor Joseph Obi | My Exclusive True Story | The Quackometer Blog | Major UK Racism Scandal

Doctor Joseph ObiQuackometer Racism Blog ScandalComing Soon.

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Joseph Chikelue Obi , will soon be publicly revealing exactly how Top Political Members of the Ousted UK Labour Party Government corruptly joined Forces with a Racist UK Quackometer Blog . . . in a Failed Attempt to shamelessly undermine Black British Voters.

Professor Joseph ObiSecret Quackometer Funding FilesComing Soon.

Professor Joseph Obi Weeps For Black Youths.

2014 MEP Elections Aspirant , Professor Joseph Obistill remainsabsolutely horrified to have recently learnt that ( according to the UK Chief Inspector of Prisons), Black Men now account for almost half of the population of British Jails ; despite the fact that the percentage of Black People in the United Kingdom is still under 10%.

Dr Joseph Obi Audaciously Attempts To Comprehensively Rewrite Medical History . . .

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Dr Joseph Obi , has boldly launched an Outrageously Audacious Bid to Comprehensively Redefine all of the Following 3 Terms : Quack , Quackery and Quack Medicine.

Joseph Chikelue Obi | The QuackFather Blog.

Emeritus RCAM Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue ObiFRCAM(Dublin) , has now officially launched the (Long-Awaited) QuackFather Blog .

Joseph Obi | Alternative Medicine Petition Results

Downing Street Alternative Medicine Petition : Final (Official) Closing Results from Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom.

* Campaign to increase Central UK Government Support for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) =1028 Signatures (Created by Professor Joseph Obi).

* Campaign to decrease Central UK Government Support for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) =43 Signatures (Created by an Arrogant Bunch of Skeptic Losers)

Unquestionable Scientific Verdict :Alternative Medicine Supporters currently outnumber Arrogant Skeptic Scientists ; by a Formidable Factor of over 20 to 1

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | The Rt Hon Emeritus RCAM Provost | 2012 Public Speaking Schedule.

Dr Joseph Chikelue ObiFRCAM (Dublin) will not be available for any additional Public Speaking Engagements till the Late Autumn of 2012 ; as his Touring Schedule for most of the Upcoming Year is now comprehensively booked.

Thank You.

Joseph Obi Firmly Shatters The Quackometer !

Alternative Medicine Strongman , Joseph Obi , has once again decisively thrashed the Quackometer . . .

Further Juicy Gossip will definitely be arriving shortly.

Joseph Chikelue Obi : " Quack Medicine Is Not Unique To Fringe Alternative Healers. . . "

Joseph Chikelue Obi : Xmas Food For Thought.

"Quack Medicine is just as common in an Orthodox Clinical Setting as it is in an Alternative Medicine Environment.

The main difference is that Allopathic Quacks often tend to have an Accredited Medical Degree plus a Statutory Medical Practising License ; while their Holistic Fringe Healing Counterparts fundamentally do not possess any of the Aforementioned Major Qualifications.

Whatever the case , please be duly informed that over 75% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine has absolutely No Solid Evidence Base whatsoever ; and as such is therefore (by Critical Default) fundamentally deemed to be nothing short of Unflappable Medical Quackery.

To put it bluntly : Almost Everyone is now a Potential Quack . . ."

Joseph Chikelue Obi | My Story | " How I Devastatingly Crushed The Quackometer . . ." |

NEWSFLASH :Alternative Medicine Strongman , Joseph Chikelue Obi , will soon be publicly outlining the Maverick Avalanche of Formidable Strategies which he decisively used to Firmly Crush the (Feeble-Minded) Quackometer Bandwagon of Arrogant Little Sceptics . . .