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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi Formidably Defends The Embattled Dutch Queen . . .

Professor Joseph Obi cannot understand the Massive Dutch Furore concerning the Scarf and Hat Combo which was recently chosen by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands ; during Her Highly Controversial Tour of the Arabian Gulf.

Far from viewing such Graceful Attire as being an Oblivious Insult to Modern Womanhood , Professor Obiactuallydoes think it to beQuite Elegant and Exceedingly Ravishing . . .

Well Done , Your Majesty . . . You Look Fabulous !

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi | The QuackFather

Global Message From Doctor Obi (The QuackFather)

* * *

This is to publicly confirm that Alternative Medicine Strongman , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi , has indeed cheekily adopted the (Equally Controversial) Alias of Quackfather.

Professor Obi personally chose the name himself , after reading (for the very first time) all of the Online Rubbish which a Racist Cabal of about 25000 Skeptic Bloggers were vituperatively posting about him on the Internet.

The current aim is therefore to sensationally turn the tables on such Obliviously Shameless Adversaries ; since they have seriously invested almost a decade of their Exceptionally Bitter Energies into creating the Utterly Ludicrous Myth that he is some sort of Alternative Medicine Mafia Boss.

Thankfully , our Quackfather Blog is now the Top Internet Source for all issues relating to Evidence Based Quack Medicine (EBQM) ; and Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi fundamentally aims to humbly keep it that way.

Please Kindly visit ; for furth…

Alternative Medicine Strongman | Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi | Chief Political Strategist .

We are exceedingly pleased to duly confirm (once again) that Royal College of Alternative Medicine Strongman , Professor Joseph ObiFRCAM(Dublin) , is to continue to formidably serve as the Chief Political Strategist of the Alternative Medicine Campaign ; until further notice.

As previously stated on numerous occasions , please be duly reminded that the New Official Alternative Medicine Campaign Website Address is still has all of the previous information which was present on the Former Site.

Thank You.