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Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | 2014 MEP Campaign | Doctor Joseph Obi

. . . Follow Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi on Twitter . . . . . . Follow Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi on Twitter . . .**************************************************************************** Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | Beware of Bad Karma | Right of Reply [Statement 1] | **************************************************************************** Here is a (Tinsy Winsy) Little Bit of what has (so far) been happening to some of Dr Obi's Tormentors (All of whom have been Eagerly Using Google to Voraciously Defame Him during the Past 15 Years ; Juicy Contents of which are Still Publicly Visible on the Internet) . . . (Tax Dodger-in-Exile) Anthony Joseph Francis O'Reilly has (Finally) been Kicked Out of the Hallowed Commercial Boardroom of the Irish Independent Newspaper Consortium ; together with all of his Teeny Weeny Sprogs. For the very first time in over 40 years , there is No O'Reilly Dynasty Member at the helm of Irish Newspaper Publishing. Perhaps the Government …

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