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Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi | Art Based Medicine v Science Based Medicine | The Great Big Clinical Debate | Have Your Say !

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi , would hereby like to Publicly Remind Everyone about the Following 5 (Great) Diktats of Art Based Medicine : * There is No Such Thing as Science Based Medicine in any Basic Statutory Definition of Orthodox Clinical Medicine ; anywhere in the World . * Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Predominantly an Art , Not a Science. * Over 75% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not Evidence Based. * Over 99% of Orthodox Clinical Medicine is Not Science Based. * If Science Based Medicine is currently being given such Undue Eminence ; then it is only right and proper that Art Based Medicine should equally be given Appropriate Prominence too. *All Rights Reserved | Dr Obi | Alternative Medicine Quackery Blog | Ethical Quackery Unit | Division of Quack Medicine Evidence | International Quack Medicine Campaign

Joseph Chikelue Obi | Alternative Medicine Training Courses

Alternative Medicine Professor | Joseph Chikelue Obi | Online Health Course | Wellness | Wellbeing | Self Care.
* * * Attendance is 100% Free for those who do not want a Certificate (of Completion). Those requiring a Certificate (of Completion) will duly have to Register. Please (Additionally) Note that the Official Website Address of the Alternative Medicine Campaign , (otherwise known as the Alternative Medicine Clinical Network or the Alternative Health Campaign or the NHS Alternative Medicine Campaign or the NHS Alternative Health Campaign or the UK Alternative Medicine Petition Group or the Council of the Alternative Medicine Professionals Board) , is now formally located at . The Old Website Address has not been used by us for almost 2 years , as it has fully served it's due purpose. A Wall of Honour is currently being prepared for Corporate Sponsors (and Donors). It will be Prominently F…